Naty Grams

Happy hump day!  
I decided to do another round up of Naty Grams, some of which are a few months old now that I didn't get to include before.  Hope you like & make sure to follow me @natybaby :) 

I have cleansed before, but I have only done the master cleanse which is also known as the "lemonade diet."  I've been hearing so many great things about BluePrint Cleanse so I decided to check it out for myself.  I went to Whole Foods and picked up a few juices to try out and incorporate into my regular diet.  I have to say that although they are pricey, they really do taste good!  I am planning to do a 3 day juice cleanse soon and will definitely share results when I do it. Oh, and these comfy socks are from Old Navy :)

My coffee addiction is real and I'm obsessed with the latte art at Birch on the upper west side in the city.  It's definitely my favorite coffee shop I just wish they had one here in Jersey.  Also wearing a pretty leaf ring from Tanya Kara Jewelry

Sometimes I wear things out that I don't end up putting on the blog, so I wanted to share this printed sweater dress from Dynamite.  It's so comfy and I already wore it twice :) 

These are just a few goodies that I am loving at the moment.  My metallic Steve Madden shoes, necklace from Prima Donna, Rings from Freida Rothman, and nail polish & lip gloss from Michael Kors. 
My anchorman mug!  Plus some comfy slippers and Lauren Conrad's Beauty book which I love! 

Somehow, I always end up at Target!  Wearing Target booties, Old Navy jacket, Gentle Fawn scarf and Dittos jeans. 

At the Desigual SS14 Preview with Nikki & fellow blogger babe Jessica. I'm wearing a top from SheInside (here), Dittos jeans, Target booties and H&M hat. 
I have a sushi obsession!  Oh, and red wine too!  Whenever I go to my friend's apartment in the city we get this.  It's so good I can't help myself. 

I am obsessed with this dress!  It's another gem from Dynamite but unfortunately they don't have anymore left.  I wore this twice already too and seriously wish I could just wear it all the time.  This photo was from a really fun viewing of the People's Choice Awards the other night.  

On another note, I really want to keep up my resolution of trying something new every month.  Whether it be traveling to a new place, eating a new food, or doing something adventurous... I just want to make sure that I am experiencing something new once a month.  So I decided that if I keep this up (which I really plan to) I will share my experiences on the blog :) 

Have a fabulous day! 


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